How We Can Help

Photography may not be your profession but certainly may be your passion and therefore, alluring the world with your mind-blowing photographs could be your ambition! If so, it is us whom you have to approach to turn your ambitions into reality because, as like you, we have helped thousands and more to achieve their photography ambitions by empowering them adequately with the knowledge of Adobe’s Photoshop!

Adobe’s Photoshop has captured our hearts with its unique tools and features that could make our captured images ever-fascinating. Therefore, anybody who loves photography should master Photoshop, for which we are here for! No matter where you live or what’s your proficiency with respect to the Photoshop, we assist all of you the right way so that at the end of the course you become the one among us – ‘The Proficient Photo-shoppers’!

We offer the following assistances that could help you with your Photoshop skills and further with your photography goals!

  • Online or Offline classes

Connect with us online or offline (only in specific areas) and get well-versed with using Adobe’s Photoshop and bewitch the world with your creative photographs! Both the class types come for the same price value and hence, it is you who must decide which is the best for you and your goals. Although our offline classes come with the advantage of interacting with the specialist masters in person, we offer you with the similar kind of opportunity, in where you can interact with your course instructors online using your webcam!


  • Various levels of classes

You might be a beginner to Photoshop or has had acquaintances with the Photoshop’s specific tools or features. Never mind! We have classes for various levels such as the beginner, intermediate and advanced, in where depending upon one’s exposure to Photoshop, the further relevant course goals are laid. Hence, to enroll in a course certain pre-requisites with respect to the Photoshop’s knowledge are required. Make sure you have them before making the request for that course.


  • Schedule your own classes (Online only)

You can schedule your online classes as per your convenience by choosing from the list of online slots available. By this way, you get the opportunity to balance both your course-life and non-course-life at any given time!