4 Reasons To Hire An AV Tech For Your Wedding

An audio visual technician is typically hired for corporate events or public events, but as you plan your wedding, you may find a lot of needs for an AV technician. An AV technician can completely change the wedding experience for the couple and all of the guests in attendance.

Learn some of the reasons to hire an audio visual technician for your wedding and ways to enjoy the big day even more.

1. Proper Audio Balance

When you host a wedding in a church, banquet hall, or outdoor location, you should consider how the audience will hear the wedding. Proper audio will help ensure that everyone can hear the person conducting the service and the wedding couple. An AV tech will set up microphones and speakers with audio that is not too loud but reaches the whole room.

An AV technician can also mix audio to avoid feedback issues often associated with microphones. When a wedding ceremony has any musical cues, an AV tech can help fade the music in and make it a seamless part of the ceremony.

2. Stage Lighting

You may choose a beautiful spot for your wedding, but the lighting available can make all of the difference. An AV tech has experience with portable light kits and can create a beautiful scene for the wedding. Spotlights can focus on the wedding couple and turn them into the focal point for the wedding. Additional lighting can highlight some of the details like flowers.

3. Improved Cell Phone Photography

When an AV tech sets up lights for a ceremony or reception, then all of the images and videos captured by others will be improved. Cell phone photography is a typical part of weddings these days, and professional lighting will only enhance the visuals, no matter who is taking pictures.

With professional lights, you do not need to worry about excess flashes disrupting key moments.

4. Wedding Add-Ons

An AV tech can bring some fun technology to enhance your wedding. For example, LCD screens can play video clips, slideshows, and other special moments from a couple. A video wall can showcase quotes, pictures, and other visual elements. Before the wedding, you can meet with an AV tech and plan out all of the features you want to showcase.

On the wedding day, the tech will take care of all of the details and have everything up and running for you and your guests to enjoy.

The AV tech is a nice addition to other services like a DJ and will help elevate your whole wedding experience. Contact a local AV technician to learn more.