Stagehand Staffing: How To Hire The Best Stagehands For Your Production

Stagehands provide general labor for the entertainment industry. They load and unload trucks, set up the stage, wire the lighting, and much more. Putting on a great show is a collaborative effort between the talent, management, business people, and crew. Great stagehand staffing is an essential contribution to the success of a production. In this article, we discuss what to look for in good stagehands.

Has Technical Proficiency

There are many different aspects that go into making a tour or production successful. Not the least of them is the lighting, rigging, audio, video, and loading/unloading of trucks. Stagehands are trained professionals that work for a union. They aren't always specialists but many have a baseline education in theatrical productions or construction.

You want to hire a crew that has experience in working on a set similar to yours. Hiring someone off the street without proven credentials could lead to unsafe work conditions and a ruined show. A stagehand staffing provider can vet the crew for you so that you can focus on what matters.

Listens to Direction

Good stagehands are professionals and always act accordingly. Building a set is time-sensitive and can be very dangerous. There are exposed electrical wires, 80 ft tall structures with crew members on them, and ropes hanging along the ground. The best staff understand this and keep safety as a priority. They can listen to directions without argument and deliver the results you are looking for within the set time. A steward or department head is usually assigned to manage the crew. They are there to handle any concerns that may arise during the course of setup and takedown.

Displays Flexibility and People Skills

The entertainment business is littered with various personalities and egos. It's important that the crew be aware of this and able to navigate in this world. Stagehands that are flexible and have great people skills make the work environment more pleasant for everyone. Because every show is different, you want a person that can adjust to the varying complexities. Also, as with touring, the introduction of new crew members is often necessary. A person that functions well in these environments keeps the production rolling smoothly.

Stagehand staffing agencies help to take the guesswork out of hiring a crew. They keep records on employees so they know who the best stagehands are and who to avoid. They also ensure that production crew members are paid a fair wage. Choose a stagehand staffing provider that has a proven track record of quality workers and great communication. This is vital to handling the changing ever-environments of a gig and keeps the show going on.